ARIADNE Portal Home page

ARIADNE Portal Home page

The ARIADNE Portal was launched to the archaeology community at CAA in Oslo and went live to the public in early June.

You can test the portal at: this period we are continuing to load datasets from our partners and so it is worth visiting regularly to see the new datasets and other improvements.The Portal provides the main point of access for searching and browsing datasets and new services for processing and publishing archaeological datasets online. It consists of a catalogue and services.

The ARIADNE Catalogue

The Portal has three routes for browsing the catalogue.

1. Where 

This option initially displays a global map showing the density of 1.8m records available (green through to red-orange) across the world. To narrow down the area of interest, the map can be repeatedly enlarged to select the records associated with the area shown on the screen (the total number is displayed in the information box). This can be repeated until individual records are displayed and street names are visible. The option “Display as search result” will show all the selected records as a text list. A number of filters can be applied to refine the list:

  • When,
  • Resource type,
  • Native subject,
  • Derived subject,
  • Publisher
  • Language.

2. When

This option is a timeline graph from 1 million BC to the present day. As with the map, the graph can be enlarged to refine the period of interest and ‘click and drag’ with the mouse enables a more specific date range to be selected. The search option will list all the records associated with the selected period in alphabetical order. Filters can be applied to refine the list – there are some additional ones available, e.g. Rights, Dating and Place.

3. What

The What option is an innovative use of a Wordle! Clicking on the term of interest displayed in the Wordle lists all the related records. The same filters as for When can be used to refine the search results.

The ARIADNE Services

Two services are currently available:

1) The ARIADNE Visual Media Service provides easy publication and presentation on the web of complex visual media assets.

2) The Landscape Services for ARIADNE are a set of responsive web services that include large terrain datasets generation, 3D landscape composing and 3D model processing, leveraging on powerful open-source frameworks and toolkits such as GDAL, OSGjs, OpenSceneGraph and ownCloud.