This workshop is organised within the framework of Digital Heritage 2015 and is being held on Monday, September 28 • 09:00 – 13.30, Science Park Museum( Avenida de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada)

3DHOP (3D Heritage Online Presenter) is an open‐source tool for the creation of multimedia interactive web‐based online presentations of digital 3D models of Cultural Heritage artifacts. 3DHOP target audience range from the museum curators with some IT experience to  the      experienced Web designers who wants to embed 3D contents in their creations. Based on WebGL, works on almost all platforms, without plugin or a dedicated server, directly inside HTML pages. The tool is capable of streaming multiresolution 3D meshes and point‐clouds over HTTP, supporting the exploration of huge 3D models on commodity computers and standard Internet connections.

3DHOP has been designed to be easy to use and to learn, and to cover the specific needs of the Cultural Heritage field, where often is necessary to show, on the web platform, high‐resolution 3D models with a simple interface. Released on April 2014, it has already attracted the attention of the CH community; it has been downloaded more than 600 times, and already various institutions are using it in their projects and online webpages.
The tutorial will present the tool, its components and capabilities. Then, in a show‐and‐tell fashion, we will present and comment simple examples and templates, guiding the      participants through the setup of 3D web visualizations, going from a simple example to      a more complex multiple‐object active‐spots animated 3D‐HTML page.


  • Brief introduction, what is 3DHOP.
  • Using 3DHOP without using 3DHOP: the ARIADNE Visual Media Service.
  • The 3DHOP distribution and how to use it. Local setup / webserver / remote deployment.
  • Minimal example: the basic HTML example and data setup.
  • Prepare your 3D models (simple 3D meshes, multiresolution meshes, multiresolution point-­‐clouds).
  • Simple template: 3D bookmarks.
  • How to setup trackball interaction, parameters and trackball animation.
  • Simple template: clickable hotspots.
  • How to setup hotspots.
  • Advanced Examples.
  • Q&A.

Moderators: Marco Callieri, Marco Potenziani and Matteo Dellepiane, CNR-ISTI

For more information about the workshop: session 1 and session 2