PIN is a consortium formed by the University of Florence and local institutions with a twofold purpose: management of university courses and management of research. The latter is performed through internal laboratories, including the Heritage Lab VAST-Lab, which will be in charge of the ARIADNE project, working on IT applications to Cultural Heritage, and several other operating on different branches of applied economics and finance. PIN is an accredited Training Agency, and a Research Centre accredited nationally as such by the competent Ministry.

PIN’s VAST-Lab has been involved in several EU projects, among others most recently in the following:

  • core partner of EPOCH, an FP6 NoE on IT applications to cultural heritage;
  • coordinator of CHIRON, a Marie-Curie early stages research training network on digital cultural heritage;
  • coordinator of COINS, an FP7 IP on 3D tools for archaeological collections;
  •  coordinator of CREATIVE-CH, an FP7 project on the impact of ICT and CH on societal issues.

In these projects the contribution of PIN has mainly concerned cultural semantics and their application for documentation. PIN has also developed methodologies for evaluating the impact of the application of IT tools in Cultural Heritage and their feasibility both from the institutional and financial perspective. PIN has hosted the international conferences CAA2004 and VAST2011.

PIN will be the coordinator for the ARIADNE project.

Website: PIN Scri – Polo Universitario “Città di Prato”